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Primeiros Socorros
2011-09-26 10:26:27

The Luanda Provincial Secretariat of the Angola Red Cross paid a visit to Catholic church in Cacuaco, aiming to mobilize the authorities of that institution in the sense of the Angola Red Cross working with the faithful in order to form brigades donors voluntary blood to save patients in need of this precious liquid in the hospitals of the Luanda province, within the Safe Blood program.

The visit also aimed at mobilization of young people to join the Youth and Volunteer of the Angola Red Cross and give form nuclei that will work in their respective communities in various community activities such as: Mobilization on sanitation for better health, the fight HIV / AIDS, fight against crime and alcoholism.

Visit the Public Television of Angola (TPA) A delegation of the Luanda Provincial Secretariat of Angola Red Cross consists of 10 members of the Youth and Volunteering, visited on the 9th of September to the Public Television of Angola (TPA) in order to meet live the functionality of the whole structure of this institution.

Taking advantage of this occasion, several contacts were maintained for jobs that exist in the future a close collaboration between the Angola Red Cross and the Public Television of Angola in the context of information and imaging activities.
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2011-09-26 10:26:27 - Mobilization
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