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Primeiros Socorros
2010-10-12 16:45:16
Call for Provincial Assemblies

Under existing procedures in the CVA, the President has, through this, call the performance of provincial Assenbleias the Angola Red Cross. The Honorable Provincial Secretaries will be responsible for their timing, as well as promote its realization. The same should take place before the end of October 2010.

Honorable Members of the National Executive Council of the Angola Red Cross.

Subject: Monitoring of Provincial Assemblies

Dear Sir (s) Mr (s):
In compliance with the procedures in force within the Angola Red Cross, I have to inform the Honorable Members of the National Executive Council of the appointment for follow-up of each of the Provincial Assemblies of the Red Cross to be held in each of the Provincial Delegations. The marking of the dates for achievement of Provincial Assemblies is the responsibility of each of the provincial delegations, obeying the deadline of 31 October 2010.
The nominations were established according to chart below:

Isabel dos Santos - Luanda and Bengo
N. Coutinho Miguel - Benguela, Huambo and Cunene
P. Elias Chimuco. Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul and Moxico
Isaac dos Anjos - Huila and Cuando-Cubango
Aniceto Aragon - Kwanza-Norte and Namibe
Delfina Cumandala - Kwanza Sul and Malange
Maria F. Garden - Uige and Cabinda

The Honorable Members of the National Executive Council will be informed as soon as final dates are set to perform each of the Provincial Assemblies and sure of your availability, thank you in advance for your attention estimated.

Please accept my greetings humanitarian.

Eng Isabel dos Santos, President of the Angola Red Cross
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2010-10-12 16:45:16 - Call for Provincial Assemblies
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