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Primeiros Socorros
2010-10-12 16:45:16
First Aid Training

Held from 16 to 18 June 2010, a 1st aid course, in the municipality of Vista Alegre, the city of Quitexe in the province of Uige. The opening act, performed by the SG of the Angola Red Cross, Mr. Valter Quifica, was attended by the President of the CVA-Uige Provincial Secretary, Mr Francisco Bong, Director of Finance, Mrs. Catarina Laurinda Head of Administration and R. Human, D. Engracia Andre and trainers of the National Headquarters of CVA, Gentlemen João Samba and Mr Guilhermino de Abreu.

In the meeting, attended by 20 volunteers were taught themes about History of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, and articles about the project from first Aid, to be implemented in Vista Alegre, depending on the number of road accidents that have found along the route from Luanda to Uige.
2011-09-26 10:45:04 - Monitoria, Projecto ZBRI
2011-09-26 10:26:27 - Mobilization
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - Call for Provincial Assemblies
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - Officers of the War College visited the headquarters of the Angola Red Cross
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - First Aid Training
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - Lançamento do Projecto de Vacinação Patrocinado Pelo Grupo Empreiteiros BLK 15
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - Mobilizados três mil e 63 vacinadores para campanha contra poliomielite
2010-10-12 16:45:16 - CVA reunifica oito famílias separadas por vários motivos
2010-06-25 12:05:09 - Cruz Vermelha da Espanha investe mais 600 mil euros na formação profissional do jovens
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